Connecting Your Mobile Field Sales App To Your Accounting Software


As part of a complete solution, MultiRoute Mobile Sales offers proven connectors for today’s accounting systems such as SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX, SAGE, Quickbooks and others. Even more, our customer can develop their own connectors using our SDK toolkit.


As you may already know, by consolidating your mobile sales app with your accounting system you will be able to increase efficiency and visibility of your finance, operations and sales departments. But that’s not all.


Here you will find three top reasons on why you should connect your mobile sales app to your accounting system.

  1. Reliable, Updated Data

Who doesn’t value having the latest data available on customers and sales orders trends? By providing updated sales and accounting data you can help process purchase orders faster and with less errors. Processing multiple lines orders on high paced environment may produce mix-ups and errors that can results in lost and canceled sales. By integrating your mobile sales order software with your accounting systems, you will not have to worry about exporting data manually from one system to another, which can include inaccurate information or lack of visibility between departments.

Furthermore, having on-hand customer information such as past sales orders and available inventory can help your to determine the quantity of items you include in your upcoming purchase requisitions. This will help you to place a more accurate order, avoiding common inventory situations like Out of Stock (OOS) or excessive stock.


  1. Monitor and Analyze Sales Trends

Managing and supervising your field sales can become a more straightforward process when you can access real-time data when you need it. By integrating your mobile sales order application with your accounting software you can review and evaluate your sales team performance as often as you want, even when you’re away from your computer.


Sales quota reports will help you evaluate performance in order to understand which of your sales route and customers are performing best or which one needs to be corrected. It also enables you to compare across multiple locations, in order to understand regional variations in demand. MultiRoute Mobile Sales comes with sales analysis features and reports, which, when integrated with your accounting system, will enable you to perform analysis in a more intuitive and reliable way.


  1. Consolidated Information and Time Management

Being able to synchronize your field sales information with your back office accounting systems represents entering all your daily sales transaction only once. From your office to your sales representatives, it means that they will have most recent information available for presentation and quotation to your customers. It helps you to avoid a situation where you present the wrong price to a client, which can make for an embarrassing situation and potentially damage client relationships.  From your sales representatives to your back office, it means you will have all your sales order entries entered only once, no time wasted on duplicated and wrong orders. Integration will help you maintain a centralized database on your system, avoiding costly bad data.


Take the first step to explore and see how MultiRoute Mobile Sales App can integrate your mobile sales force with your existing accounting system.


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