It has been demonstrated that companies of all sizes are experimenting challenges and issues with their sales order processing. From manually entering incorrect information like SKU’s, to use of wrong price lists and lack of information and communication, all of them negatively impacting your sales operations and hurting your relationship with your customers. Outdated sales order processing methods contains way too many manual data entry and touch points that lead to constant and costly errors.


A mobile sales order application can help you capture and transmit your sales orders more accurately, while providing real-time access to information important for both, your field sales team and your customers.


Here Are Five Signs That Your Company Needs A Mobile Sales Order Solution. 


  1. Your field sales personnel is constantly taking orders with multiple line-items, multiple units of measures or any other complexity that may generate confusion, mix-ups and wrong order entries. These errors are commonly made in environments with high-order volume and manual processing. If you’re noticing that these errors are causing you way too many reworks and unnecessary delays, then automation is suitable for you.
  2. When your sales order processing is taking you too much time to be entered, considering the fact that your mobile sales force needs go back to the office to process all the paper work related to their daily sales. In order to shorten this time, you need to provide your field sales team with a tool that can help them transmit remotely their order. Quicker order takings allow to spend more time in front of your customers. Additionally, if you need to update information to your back office system like SAP, Sage, QuickBooks or any other, then an integrated field sales order software is right for you.
  3. Displeased customers can be caused by different reasons. However, recurrent unattended customers and an inconsistent service can be corrected with accurate, on-hand information. A mobile sales order application with a GPS route tracking module will allow you to supervise and track all visit sequences and non-serviced customers. It will even help you to re-schedule or push the visit for the next day, guaranteeing the sales visit is completes and obtaining a new sales order.
  4. When it’s difficult for your sales team to obtain history of previous purchases to handle inquiries from your customer. One aspect that a sales force automation solution can provide improvement is through easy accessibility of customer information, giving your company the opportunity to capitalize with better service, offering alternatives and not losing the sale. You may review your inventory and make recommendation based on sales history, approved products, suggested orders and special promotions.
  5. Lacking a centralize overview of your customers’ orders and selling performance. If you consider you are struggling to much trying to see what is happening, what are your KPI’s and where do you stand with your sales forecast, then MultiRoute could be a help to your organization. MultiRoute offers a wide range of reporting tools for greater visibility into the bigger picture. And because MultiRoute is a cloud-based solution, information is available when you need it, where you need it.


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