Mobile Sales App Features

What MultiRoute Mobile Sales App can do for your Field Sales Team?

MultiRoute allows your field sales reps to use any Android-based device to manage client information, showcase your products catalog, create quotes and place orders.


Managers can track the team’s sales activities including route schedule, visited and non-visited customers and other key performance indicators that will help you increase your sales and revenue.




Mobile invoicing, sales orders, estimates, inventory, pricing, sales tracking and more!

Impress Customers

Showcase your products with a visually-appealing electronic guide. Share full featured presentations, brochures, and related documents.

Price Lists and Promotions

Allow your field sales reps to work with the correct, approved price lists along with up-to-date valid promotions.


Choose from different types of questions formats and get to know your customers.


Get to know your daily transactions, re-print settlement history and share it when need it.


Know what is the current aging and payment requirements

Less Errors

Validate all data at the POS for minimum errors when the order is processed.


Maps & Analytics

  • Geo-locating system allows to keep,track of every stop, time spent and productivity of each visit.
  • Visualize routes and sales team location in real-time.
  • Improve your business operations and make smarter decisions with awesome data shown in reports.
  • Create custom forms to capture the data you need from your customers.








Quotes & Orders

  • Create new quotes or sales orders while onsite with your customers.
  • Retrieve historical data of purchases of your customers and make better, informed recommendations.
  • Improve accuracy of sales forecast analyzing your estimate, open invoices and deliveries.
  • Integrate and share transactions with many ERPs and Accounting software such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, SAP Business One, Sage, among others.


Performance & Reporting

  • Full graphical performance reports, including sales by products, brands, customers, etc. 
  • Log sales truck odometer and keep record of mileage up to date.
  • Create your own reports and share them through your smartphones.
  • Review customer information and transactions in your regional language (Multilingual capacity).





Sales Reps Tracking

Visualize and track all visit sequences and non-serviced customers. MultiRoute will even help you to re-schedule or push the visit for the next day.

Route Scheduling

Setup and personalize parameters for daily route schedules, including reassignment of routes for “at large” sales reps.