MultiRoute Delivery App Features

What can MultiRoute Delivery do for you? 

MultiRoute Delivery is an advanced electronic Proof of Delivery software solution for real-time truck drivers and delivery route performance, monitoring and delivery confirmation. It eliminates paper based systems costs, while it helps you enhance truck fleet efficiency and customer satisfaction with real-time information.



Mobile invoicing, sales orders, estimates, inventory, pricing, field sales reps tracking and more!

Electronic Signature

Capture time-stamped signature from your customers as proof of goods has been delivered.

Android Based

Allow your drivers to use the world’s most widely used mobile operating system

Route Management

Plan and optimize your daily routes in seconds to get the best delivery results.

GPS Tracking

Keep track of drivers to see the status, details, and exact location of all drivers and individual delivery packages.

Works Online and Offline

Work with or without data connectivity so your drivers won’t be stopped by poor cellular signal reception.

Mobile Payments

Allow for order details and payment collection form your customers.

Reports & Analytics

  • Use MultiRoute built-in charting and reporting tools to analyze relevant delivery data, or integrate with your existing reporting tools.
  • Monitor odometer and gas mileage broken down by truck/driver.
  • Record and evaluate the difference between planned and actual goods delivered.
  • Capture geotags & time-stamps to validate when and where your deliveries occurred.








Proven Integration

  • The Secured Data Sync enables encrypted transactions to and from the back office systems using web services.
  • MultiRoute Delivery support for integration to multiple ERPs and accounting software such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, SAP Business 1, Oracle, Sage, among others.
  • Customer can develop their own connectors using our API SDK toolkit.
  • Review and share with your customer reports and invoices in your language (Multilingual capacity).


Process Automation

  • Smart Routing your vehicles for a better planning and delivery efficiency.
  • MultiRoute Delivery can send invoices & proof of delivery notices with electronic signatures to reduce billing time.
  • Log sales truck odometer and keep record of mileage up to date.
  • Create your own reports and publish it to the mobile units.




Keep Tracking

Visualize and trail all visit sequences and non-serviced customers. MultiRoute Delivery will even help you to re-schedule or push the visit for the next day.

Set Delivery Parameters

Setup and personalize parameters for daily route schedules, including reassignment of routes.


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